New Player Models; New OMDTool; Surface Fix

Finally – screenshots. I’ve found some player models (the old one was too high poly) that I’ll use for multiplayer & campaign. You will be able to choose from 5 models in 4 different colors when you play online (sounds like a small amount, but I have to frame-animate). Here’s a screen of the SAS dummies in-game:

I’ve updated OMTool to support blend modes, so you can set a material to be subtractive, additive, subtractive with source additive (called lightmap), or none. It also allows you to disable/enable culling, lighting, and interpolation.

Also, I forgot to mention: Newly Discovered on the GMC made the window image. I created the buttons and tab/sidebar from it. The icons on the buttons are FamFamSilk pngs.

I will be using several Surface Fix examples in the game. Newly Discovered actually created a depth-of-field example with it that I’m reversing so the blur is closer to the camera, while Advokara (also on the GMC) made a cube mapping example.

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