Shader Library; DOF problems

I’m writing a “shader library” for the game that will allow stacked shaders with dynamic settings. Pretty cool. The extension for such data will be *.osd (Orbital Shader Data). I’ll probably release the source along with the engine.

The Depth Of Field Newly Discovered sent me is acting up… while trying to boost the fps, I found that the blur is very iffy. By resizing the capture view, the fps boosts to 60, but it definitely shows as pixelated… even the stuff not being blurred, which makes no sense. So I think I’ll render the view to another surface just to simplify it, then I can solve the problem (lol, I don’t want to ask for help again, we’ve already exchanged several pm’s and I don’t want to annoy him).

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3 Responses to Shader Library; DOF problems

  1. Newly Discovered says:

    Hey there, I think the problem is that you need to turn on interpolation either in global game settings or use texture_set_interpolation(1);
    without it, everything is pixelated.

  2. Newly Discovered says:

    oh by the way, I felt stupid but…I found out how to flip the blur, just set the mindist to 128 and the maxdist to 0. 128 or whatever you choose. a good blur amount is 2 to 4, anything higher and you’re going to be losing a lot of fps.

  3. rid3relite says:

    Interpolation won’t work, I’ve already got it turned on.

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