HDR/HDRI Screenshots

As promised, here’s some screenshots of the HDR/HDRI system I have in place. They aren’t screenshots of the map I’ve been working on, but the crates use the same textures so you can get an idea of what it will look like. I based the HDR off of Phantom107’s Glow example (though I modified a lot of it).

I included some gray crates so you could see the blue and green lighting cast on them, not just the sunlight.

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4 Responses to HDR/HDRI Screenshots

  1. Newly Discovered says:

    sure looks pretty but I can’t see how this is HDR.
    looks more like a bloom, but nonetheless looks great.
    gmk please?

    • rid3relite says:

      HDR generally comes from specular reflections, so yes this isn’t true HDR, however it does take lighting into account. I would agree that it is more of a bloom. I’ll pm you the gmk.

  2. Phantom107 says:

    Looks pretty nice, did you do anything to the blurring?
    Because possibly I’m onto a way to speed the blurring process up a bit.

    • rid3relite says:

      (sorry about the wait for your comment to be approved)

      Yes, I changed the blurring. It only looks good when the surface is 200×150 though (it barely does anything when the surface is full size). Here is the code (I discovered this solution completely by accident while trying to correct the blurring artifacts in the bottom and right corners):

      var i;
      i = 0;
      //blur the surfaces
      i += 1;

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