Slight Progress

Hmmm… haven’t gotten very far lately. I really don’t have any screenshots to show either.

I’m currently working on/getting to:

1. Setting up two maps, “Waterfront” and “Ruins”.
2. Learning about the P3DC DLL (which I will use instead of Kingspace).
3. Setting up the shotgun and flash-bang models.
4. Full transform-list animation, with frame support.
5. Translating the weapon system into the engine playground (I’ll have to rewrite it with data structures instead of arrays).
6. Adding effects to the playground (HDR/Bloom, Volumetric Lighting?, Depth-of-field).
7. A runtime light ray generator (for those beams of light that come though trees, windows, etc).
8. Changing OMDTool to group models in frames; interface re-write.
9. Baking a layer of Ambient Occlusion over the lightmaps texture.
10. OMDTool model referencing (a lightmap will use the exact same geometry, but not the same UVs)

That seems to be it for now…
I promise that I’ll post some screenshots of the maps and new weapons soon. I just have to figure out how to get the Weebly preview on here.

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