Website Update; Skeletal Animation System; Weapon Customization

Some styles of the orbital studios website have been updated (home page, screenshots page, and page navigation menus). Also, the screenshots page has been remade so it will load faster and look better.

A skeletal animation system is currently in development. It only handles transformations as of now, but soon it will be able to use model frames. I’ll use this for first-person animations and for attaching weapons & gear to the player (all player models will use frame animation).

As far as weapon customization options go, players will be able to purchase weapon upgrades for weapons they own using the points they earn in-game. In servers, hosts will be able to choose if these upgrades are usable and/or purchasable during games. In the upgrading menus, a pre-rendered weapon will be shown (unfortunately, a *.png must be made for each combination).

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