HDR/HDRI Screenshots

As promised, here’s some screenshots of the HDR/HDRI system I have in place. They aren’t screenshots of the map I’ve been working on, but the crates use the same textures so you can get an idea of what it will look like. I based the HDR off of Phantom107’s Glow example (though I modified a lot of it).

I included some gray crates so you could see the blue and green lighting cast on them, not just the sunlight.

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Well, I’ve made slight progress on the editor… you can’t see it in these pics of player mode, but it will be super awesome. Also, I know the player doesn’t have a gun… I didn’t feel the need to add such a system (or collisions, for that matter) in the editor. Player Mode, Spectator Mode, and Editor Mode are functional in the editor right now.

Also, some extra info: players will be able to switch to spectator mode when they are eliminated from play or when there are too many players in a game. Spawns will be chosen by the player – they will be able to choose at least 2 different spawning zones, each of which will contain spawn points. Also, there will be HDR in the next batch of screens… I’ve adapted Phantom107’s Glow engine to use lighting, and lightmaps will also be used shortly.

Edit: Okay, I lied… I’ve got more screens, but they don’t have HDR in ’em – I’ve been too busy, and I need to redo the lightmap. What they do have, however, is a reticle, particles, and a screen of the editor.

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Shader Library; DOF problems

I’m writing a “shader library” for the game that will allow stacked shaders with dynamic settings. Pretty cool. The extension for such data will be *.osd (Orbital Shader Data). I’ll probably release the source along with the engine.

The Depth Of Field Newly Discovered sent me is acting up… while trying to boost the fps, I found that the blur is very iffy. By resizing the capture view, the fps boosts to 60, but it definitely shows as pixelated… even the stuff not being blurred, which makes no sense. So I think I’ll render the view to another surface just to simplify it, then I can solve the problem (lol, I don’t want to ask for help again, we’ve already exchanged several pm’s and I don’t want to annoy him).

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Switch to GM8…

So, I switched development of Orbital to GM8.0 Pro, and I have to say I was pretty pissed to find out that Mark scrapped the old background_add() and changed the name of the background_add_alpha() function to background_add(). Which makes OMDTool’s transparency options useless, as they can’t function properly. I attempted to make it so when a background was added, a white alpha mask was created through surfaces to make it completely opaque. Which didn’t work, for reasons unknown to me.

So I’m pretty mad that the hardest thing I had to do with OMDTool has now been discontinued. 😡 Now, I have to change all my loading systems to suit GM8.

On the bright side though, GM8 supports 48×48 icons… finally. So expect to see some sexy icons when you download Orbital for the first time (expect a beta sometime over the summer). Each tool included will have its own icon.

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OADTool/OMATool in progress

I’m creating a skeletal animation system – by skeletal, I mean that each bone has its own model with scale and rotation that is inherited, not skeletal as in bones influencing vertices. I can’t think of a name for the file type though – maybe OAD (Orbital Animation Data) or OMA (Orbital Model Animation)? The beauty of it is, I’ll be able to change bone settings in real-time, and since each animation file is separate from its model, multiple models change be used with the same animation. The animation file will only specify the origins of the models and their OMD ids (0, 1, 2, etc.), so if models have the same structure, they can be used with the same animation.

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New Player Models; New OMDTool; Surface Fix

Finally – screenshots. I’ve found some player models (the old one was too high poly) that I’ll use for multiplayer & campaign. You will be able to choose from 5 models in 4 different colors when you play online (sounds like a small amount, but I have to frame-animate). Here’s a screen of the SAS dummies in-game:

I’ve updated OMTool to support blend modes, so you can set a material to be subtractive, additive, subtractive with source additive (called lightmap), or none. It also allows you to disable/enable culling, lighting, and interpolation.

Also, I forgot to mention: Newly Discovered on the GMC made the window image. I created the buttons and tab/sidebar from it. The icons on the buttons are FamFamSilk pngs.

I will be using several Surface Fix examples in the game. Newly Discovered actually created a depth-of-field example with it that I’m reversing so the blur is closer to the camera, while Advokara (also on the GMC) made a cube mapping example.

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MK18 Carbine

Here’s a preview of the CQB (Close Quarters Battle) MK18 in-game, or should I say, in model viewer ;D

Right now it looks bland because there isn’t any lighting and the upgrades (silencer and red dot) are disabled.
It’s got around 17,000 polygons – unfortunately, this means it doesn’t do too well when the Quality lighting is on, because it has to be drawn twice. I got the model from a Counter-Strike: Source skin here.

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